EF27 Charity

Submissions / Donations

The Eurofurence Charity department is looking for submissions / donations to be used to raise money for our Charity (UAnimals).
Any and all submissions are appreciated. Our donations normally include things like artwork, prints, posters, plushies, figurines, books, merchandise, clothing, rare items, etc.
Please just make sure that the items are in a good condition to give away, no broken, dirty or overly used items please.

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Please read before donating!

Your donations will be selected for use in of several fundraising activities throughout the convention.
These include the:

  • Charity Auction
  • Charity Art Show display
  • Lottery Booth
  • Video Game Tournament
Artwork / Items that will be considered for the *Charity Auction* will typically be unique and special items only (e.g. limited items, rare items, big commissions, last of a kind items, etc.).
Due to the limited space in the Auction, only a small number of items will be accepted.
Other original artworks and creations, including those unable to be accepted to Auction will typically be accepted into the new Charity Art Show display for silent bidding.
Please note that any artists who already have their own Art Show space and wish to donate some of their art sale profits to Charity are encouraged to use their own display areas, as our space is limited.

Smaller items, merchandise, small commissions (e.g. sketches / badges) or items available in larger quantities will typically be accepted to our Lottery Booth (these are very much needed as well!).

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us at charity@eurofurence.org

Fields marked with * are required to be filled out.

Please provide a name or brief description of the donation. E.g. "Commission by Artist X", "Fox poster", "Large Lion Plush".
Please enter the number of items you are donating.
If the donation is an artwork, please briefly describe the medium (e.g. pencil sketch on paper, watercolour on canvas, digital print, clay sculpture, etc.)
Please enter a detailed description of the donation (e.g. what it is made of, if it is a limited edition and if so which number it is, whether it is signed, etc.) This description will be used to help sell your item, so anything special about it which would make people want to buy it should be included here.
If you are donating a commission please describe exactly what people will get (e.g. traditional/digital, colour/black & white, number of characters, etc.)
If you have any photos, that will help us BIG time! Please upload a few of them here. If you donate a commission, please upload a collage or some examples of what the winner would get. If your item is accepted to the Charity Auction, these images may be displayed on the big screens on stage!
Please keep file sizes under 2MB! This helps save bandwidth and drive space :)
Please give us an estimate of what your donation is worth (EUR). This will be used to help set starting bids for items that are accepted to auction.
Please let us know how we will get your donation (if it's a virtual submission like a commission or something which can only be provided after the convention, we will prepare a voucher for this).

Please note:

Delivering your donation to us as early as possible during the convention gives it the best chance of raising as much money for charity as it can!
Please include any other info you would like us to know about your donation (e.g. Preferred method of sale, special handling instructions, etc.)
If your submission was made by an artist, please write the name down here. This field is *required* for artwork.
If the artist is attending EF27, please enter their registered badge number. Otherwise, leave blank.
Please enter a valid address so that we can contact the artist about their donation if we need to.
Please enter a valid phone number (including country code, IE: +49 for Germany) so we can contact the artist if we need to.
If you are attending EF27, please enter your registered nickname (although you don't have to be registered to submit a donation!)
If you are attending EF27, please enter your registered badge number. Otherwise, leave blank.
Please enter a valid address so that we can contact you about your donation if we need to.
Please enter a valid phone number (including country code, IE: +49 for Germany) so we can contact the artist if we need to.
The Eurofurence Charity Team values every donation that we receive, and we do our best to ensure that each donation gets the best chance at raising as much money as possible for our charity. This may involve sending your item to a different Charity area than expected, such as the Lottery Booth or Art Show, or bundling your donation with others to be sold as a single group. This is especially the case with the Charity Auction, as only a limited number of items can be accepted for Auction and many items may need to be sent elsewhere. While we do our best to ensure that our donor's wishes are obeyed, this is not always possible. By checking this box, you acknowledge and consent that we may handle your donation in this manner.

All donations made to the Eurofurence Charity department are final. Unused items which remain at the end of the convention will be stored for use at next year's Eurofurence, and cannot be returned to you.

Donations will open with the Art Show Setup on Sunday and should please be received at the Charity desk in the Art Show before the close of the Art Show on Tuesday afternoon. We may be unable to accept any further items into the Art Show display or Charity Auction after this time, and these may only be considered as Lottery Booth prizes.